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This database makes accessible to the public all available information pertaining to the enslaved men and women who built and sustained Oak Alley. It brings to light attributes of personhood including names, origins and relationships, and presents them simultaneously with the marks of slavery that dehumanized--such as appraised value. Together, it is our aim to offer a resource for students and researchers, and enable them to better understand the people of one specific sugar plantation.

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Full Name
1813 * estimated
Date of Death
Baptism Date and Sponsors
Place of Origin
Louisiana (Creole)
Gender and Designation
Male Griff
Skills or Duties
Mother was Pognon (owned by Sosthene Roman). 1/2 Siblings Antoine and Antoinette (owned by Sosthene Roman)
Deterville was referred to as a mulatto in later inventories after his purchase(with his mother) by Sosthene Roman. While owned by Sosthene Roman he stood as his sibling's Baptism Sponsor. (SMI-5, 48 & 49) Mentioned in Tulane Roman Family Papers: Tulane LaRC 179 Box 1, Folder 6 Tulane LaRC 179 Box 1, Folder 8 Tulane LaRC 179 Box 2, Folder 1a Tulane LaRC 179 Box 2, Folder 2a Tulane LaRC 179 Box 2, Folder 12a

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Bill of Sale, New Orleans Notarial Archives, PEDESCLAUX V69, Act 421, Year: 1814
Location: New Orleans
Value: $1200.00

Bill of Sale, St. James Parish (County) Records, Conveyance Books V11 Act 256, Year: 1829
Location: St. James Parish
Value: $1200.00

Jacques Roman and Celina Pilie Marriage Contract, New Orleans Notarial Archives, Grima Vol. 2, Act 185, Year: 1834
Location: New Orleans
Value: $1200.00

J.T Roman Succession, St. James Parish (County) Records, Probate 0683, Year: 1848
Location: Oak Alley Plantation
Value: $1200.00

J.T.R Succession Settlement, New Orleans Notarial Archives, Grima v46 173, Year: 1860
Location: (Not recorded)
Value: $ (Not recorded)

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